Details about this bathing water:

The bathing place Baggersee is located by the lake in the municipality/city Au am Rhein in the region of Baden-Württemberg, Kreis Rastatt and could not be evaluated at the moment. Only when a sufficient number of water samples in the bathing area could be evaluated, a quality classification can be carried out again.

current rating: insufficiently sampled

comment to current rating: Interval btw 2 samples for 2016 season >, 41+4 days or interval btw 3 samples >, (2*41)+4 days

country: Germany

region: Baden-Württemberg

province: Kreis Rastatt

commune: Au am Rhein

category: lake

water flows to North-east Atlantic Ocean

Location of Baggersee in the vicinity of Au am Rhein:

Rating history: Baggersee near Au am Rhein