Details about this bathing water:

The bathing place Paezeriu is located by the lake in the municipality/city Seimenos in the region of Marijampoles, Vilkaviskio and has not yet been evaluated for changes affecting bathing water quality this year.

current rating: classification not yet possible after the changes

comment to current rating: Assessed with data from 2015 onward. BW with changes, Changes = Y. Changed BW is assessed, if there are at least 16 samples or at least 8 samples (in case of season not exceeding 8 weeks = 56 days).

country: Lithuania

region: Marijampoles

province: Vilkaviskio

commune: Seimenos

category: lake

water flows to Baltic Sea

Location of Paezeriu in the vicinity of Seimenos:

Rating history: Paezeriu near Seimenos