Excellent quality

Excellentbathing water quality Excellent Good Sufficient Poor Symbol according to Commission implementing decision of 27 May 2011 (2011/321/EU)

The European regulation DIRECTIVE 2006/7/EC defines excellent quality as follows:

Bathing waters are to be classified as ‘excellent’:
1.  if, in the set of bathing water quality data for the last assessment period, the percentile values for microbiological enumerations are equal to or better than the ‘excellent quality’ values set out in Annex I, column B; and
2.  if the bathing water is subject to short-term pollution, on condition that:
(i) adequate management measures are being taken, including surveillance, early warning systems and monitoring, with a view to preventing bathers' exposure by means of a warning or, where necessary, a bathing prohibition;
(ii) adequate management measures are being taken to prevent, reduce or eliminate the causes of pollution; and
(iii)  the number of samples disregarded in accordance with Article 3(6) because of short‑term pollution during the last assessment period represented no more than 15 % of the total number of samples provided for in the monitoring calendars established for that period, or no more than one sample per bathing season, whichever is the greater.