How to Search

You can choose between three different approaches to find a bathing water place:

  1. Follow the links
  2. Structure: Europe -> Country -> Region -> Province -> Commune -> Bathing water place
    The anchor text NoSpecific... indicates the absence of a specific name for the respective taxonomy level (e.g. Province or Commune).

  3. Search by bathing water name, e.g. Andrews
  4. Input the name or a part of the name of the desired bathing water place into the search field.
    Very often, the name of the commune in which the bathing water place is located, is not part of the bathing water place name. Therefore the bathing water may not be found by name search, if just the name of the municipality is known. In that case a search by link or vicinity is recommended.

  5. Search around your current location
  6. Just click or tap the around me icon.
    This nearby search function requires a permission to receive the geo coordinates of your current location!
    Depending on the browser and operating system, some system dialog may occur. This is independent of the web app.